Green seedling

W-W Seeds Inc. is the largest dealer for Beck’s Hybrids in our area.  We’re located a half mile away from Beck’s Henderson, Ky. PFR (Practical Farm Research) facility, which also serves as a distribution center for corn, soybean, wheat, and cover crops to Beck’s southern marketing area.  Beck’s offers more genetic and trait diversity than any other company. Being in close proximity allows us immediate access to seed when our customers need replant or obtain additional seed.
We also work closely with Beck’s through our trucking division. Our trucks make deliveries to and from many of the seed processing facilities almost daily.
The PFR facility provides unparalleled, local, on farm research data that is available FREE of charge to any grower.

Seed Transport
We know that farming can be a very fast paced work environment with unlimited hurdles, we do our very best to make sure our customers can keep moving forward with as few obstacles as possible.  We offer on farm delivery by pickup truck, tractor trailer or even in field delivery with our J&M 390 seed tender.  We’re also available anytime of day, 7 days a week during planting season for our customers to pickup seed from our warehouse.  We’re farmers too and we know that getting the crop in the ground in a timely manner is one of the major keys to success.

Seed Treatment
Our on site seed treater  allows us to add inoculants or other growth promoters to treated seed, or even treat naked seed with fungicides and insecticides.
Our own 8 row John Deere test plot planter gives us the ability to compare our products against the best in the industry, and help our growers perform tests on their own farms to learn better ways to improve profitability.